This New Modern Warfare III Grenade Is Deliciously Devious

If you’ve recently been playing Modern Warfare III and died unexpectedly to what appeared, at first glance, to be an extremely volatile metal bird—that was me and my breacher drone, and we’re not sorry. The new lethal throwable is only equippable in Activision’s latest shooter if you progress pretty far in MWIII’s multiplayer (the easiest way to unlock it seems to be reaching Level 25 and setting it as an active challenge in the armory), but if you equip one of the premade loadouts, you can use the highly explosive drone right now. Be warned: If you do, you are going to piss a lot of people off.

Utilizing the breacher drone can only be described as a cheese technique. It’s a part of the Demolitionist loadout, which has the powerful MTZ-556 assault rifle for a primary weapon and an RPG as a secondary for some added trolling. Because of the trajectory of the drone (which you deploy with a gentle toss upward like you’re trying to help a baby bird learn to fly), you can send the explosive soaring across the map, as it can fly straight ahead for a decent distance before dropping off like a paper airplane. Once its flight ceases, it explodes—it’s quite literally just a drone with C4 strapped to it.

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I’ve used the breacher drone to kill dozens on that long hallway on Skidrow, or across that eastern-most lane on Highrise. I’ve sent it up to that rooftop perch on Favela, aiming it at the wooden overhang above it so that it’ll explode right behind a camper’s head. I’ll strafe around that damned corner on Terminal, quickly deploy it, duck back into safety, and giggle with evil glee as one or two kill notifications appear on-screen. Sometimes, I’ll throw it at my feet when I know I’m losing a close-range fight, just to take an enemy with me.

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I’ve gotten double and triple kills with the breacher drone in one go, finished off an injured player hiding behind cover across the map, and sent it soaring down a lane like a little murder bird, smiling impishly as it blew up at someone’s feet. The brief snippet of post-death enemy audio is the cherry on top of my annoying sundae—someone will curse me out, curse the existence of the breacher drone, curse Activision, or simply wonder “what the fuck was that?!”

In a game that is currently the focal point of the skill-based matchmaking debate, where even the “for fun” matches feel like a sweatfest, I find solace in being a devilish little trickster with my breacher drone. Here’s hoping Activision doesn’t nerf it in a future patch.

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