The Marvels Had Worst 1st and 2nd Weekends In MCU History At US Box Office

The Marvels had the worst-ever start at the US box office in MCU history and the film didn’t do great in its second weekend either. The superhero movie starring Brie Larson made $10.2 million for its second weekend in the US, a 79% decline from its $46 million opening, according to Variety.

Before The Marvels, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had the worst-ever second-weekend decline (69%) in MCU history.

The Marvels has now made $65 million at the domestic box office. For comparison, 2019’s Captain Marvel made $153 million at the US box office for its first weekend alone. Some are questioning whether or not The Marvels will reach that number during its entire lifetime run in theaters.

Globally, The Marvels has earned $161 million. The movie had a reported budget of $220 million, and that doesn’t factor in marketing and advertising.

The Marvels was released just after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended, so the film’s stars were not available to promote the film in the run up to release like they normally would. Also, comparing against the original Captain Marvel isn’t perfect, complete, or fair, given there was no pandemic back then.

In any event, The Marvels is likely to go down as the worst-performing movie MCU in history across 33 films to date. Whether or not the so-called “superhero fatigue” might have factored in is unknown. But what is certain is that Marvel plans to release just one movie–Deadpool 3–in 2024.

GameSpot’s The Marvels review scored the film an 7/10 and called it “meaningless fun.”

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