The Boys Super Bowl Video Honors Heroes, Horses, And America

While it didn’t have a Super Bowl ad during the game, Prime Video joined in on the fun with an online video for its popular superhero show The Boys themed around America and football.

Released on social media, the video from Vought International claims to be “too patriotic” for TV. “This is a love letter to AMERICA,” a post said, adding that fans should crack a cold Turbo Rush to make the most out of the big game. It’s a silly ad from the fictional company that leans very far into patriotism and… horses. Take a look at the trailer below, and note that it contains a special cameo from two characters from the spin-off Gen V, Sam and Cate.

“Freedom, football, family, horses–words synonymous with Vought, and this great nation. Vought may be international now, but it was American first,” the narrator says. “Born from the hands of hard-working men and women just like you, who know the value of an honest day’s labor. Vought is more than a company–it’s a testament of what Americans can do together. Today, we salute the real heroes, the ones who keep this country safe and sound, by cracking open an ice cold Turbo Rush for the big game. To freedom. To football. To horses.”

The Boys is coming back for its fourth season later this year, and you can watch the latest trailer here. As for Gen V, it’s set to come back for a second season, but Prime Video hasn’t announced a release date yet.

The Boys isn’t the only big show coming to Prime Video in 2024, as Prime Video’s Fallout TV series is also coming.

In other news, Call of Duty’s in-game store recently brought back DLC characters from The Boys, including Starlight and Black Noir. Players can also buy the character Firecracker from the in-game shop to play as her before she arrives in Season 4 of the TV show.

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