Skull and Bones – How To Repair Your Ship

The world of Skull and Bones is fraught with dangers. As such, it’s always a good idea to make sure your naval craft is in good condition. Otherwise, you might find yourself sunk to the depths of the ocean. Here’s our guide on how to repair your ship in Skull and Bones.

How to repair your ship in Skull and Bones

You can repair your ship through various means, such as paying silver when at the docks, using a Repair Kit, shooting specific types of weaponry, equipping some ship furniture, and cooking/eating certain meals. We discuss each facet in the sections below.

Repairing your ship while docked

The simplest way to repair your ship in Skull and Bones involves paying a bit of silver whenever your ship is docked. The first dockyard you discover in the campaign is Sainte-Anne, which acts as your main pirate hub. Later, you might find other outposts in far-flung locations. Selecting the “Repair” option as you board your craft ensures that the hull’s hit points (HP) are fully replenished.

Pony up some dough to instantly repair your ship.

Crafting and buying Repair Kits

When you’re exploring the high seas, your naval craft is bound to take a lot of damage, be it from the environment or due to enemy attacks. That’s why it’s important to bring some Repair Kits with you. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Repair Kit I – This heals for 6,000 HP. The blueprint can be purchased from the Carpenter NPC in Sainte-Anne, and crafting it requires 1x Metal Salvage and 1x Scavenged Wood.
  • Repair Kit II – This heals for 18,000 HP. The blueprint can be purchased from various vendors, including the NPC in Vorona Falls, an outpost that’s west of Sainte-Anne. To craft it, you need 3x Scavenged Wood and 3x Rusty Nail.
  • Different tiers/types of Repair Kits can also be bought directly from vendors.
  • Ensure that the Repair Kit is bound to the action wheel so that you can quickly use it when you’re in trouble.

Food types that increase repair efficiency

Likewise, there are certain foods that don’t necessarily repair your ship in Skull and Bones, but they do offer increased efficiency for the items that you use. Make sure you obtain the recipes, as well as the ingredients, so you can cook and eat these meals. Here are some examples:

  • Godrogodro – +10% Repair Kit efficiency; +30% stamina regen; -30% stamina consumption when trimming sails.
  • Vary Be Menaka – +10% Repair Kit efficiency; +30% stamina regen; -30% stamina consumption when you brace.
  • Trondro Gasy – +15% Repair Kit efficiency; +30% stamina regen; -20% stamina consumption when you brace


Repair Kits can be crafted (left) or purchased from NPCs (right).

Cannons that can heal

Funnily enough, Skull and Bones also allows you to repair ships by shooting them. This only applies to a select few weapon types, and only if you target allied players in your party. Equipping these variants, essentially, turns you into the group’s healer/support role of sorts:

  • Repair Long Gun – The Long Gun, as its name implies, has massive range. This variant lets you shoot a projectile that repairs an ally’s ship from a distance.
  • Repair Bombard – The Bombard specializes in AoE damage at short range. Instead of blasting explosive projectiles, it will rain down a restorative on allied ships within the affected radius.
Yes, this game has cannons that can heal.
Yes, this game has cannons that can heal.

Equipping ship furniture

Last but not least, there are a few ship furniture items that affect your ship’s survivability:

  • Joinery Workshop – +10% repair amount from repair weapons.
  • Double-planked Hull – +5% hull health.
  • First Aid Station – +30% repair amount of repair weapons for ships with less than 33% hull health.
  • Scrapper Station – +8,000 hull health after triggering a crew attack.
  • Rigging Station – +1% hull health per second when your hull health is less than 20%.

That’s how you repair your ship in Skull and Bones. If you’re still trying to dip your feet in the water before taking the plunge, you can check out our guides on how to increase stamina and how to complete the High Seas Heist quest.

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