Report Names First Two Xbox Exclusives Planned For Release On PS5

After a report last week suggested Xbox could be looking into releasing its first-party games–traditionally exclusive to Xbox consoles–on rival consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, a subsequent report suggests the first two such games in line for a broader release have already been chosen.

A report from The Verge cites sources familiar with Microsoft’s strategy, who claim Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are the first Xbox games destined for release on a rival console. Sea of Thieves, Xbox’s online multiplayer pirate adventure may also be in line for a wider release sometime this year.

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While the titles above are the only ones reported with more definitive timelines, other titles said to be in line for a release on non-Xbox consoles include Bethesda’s 2023 epic Starfield, and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle–though the latter would get at least a short period of exclusivity on Xbox. A seperate report suggested one of Xbox’s classic exclusives, Gears of War, may also be in line to end up on other consoles.

After years of console wars hinging on the platform-exclusive games each company could bring to the table, this decision is set to be a massive change in strategy for Microsoft, if it comes to pass. The Verge links the decision to a slowdown in Game Pass subscriber numbers, while Microsoft’s acquisitions of a number of major developers–including Activision-Blizzard and Bethesda–may also have contributed to the direction change.

As part of its bid to get the Activision-Blizzard purchase approved by antitrust regulators, Microsoft had to sign deals with Nintendo and Sony to guarantee that Call of Duty would remain available on its competitors’ respective platforms.

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