Microsoft May Add DLSS-Style Game Upscaling Tech To Windows 11

Microsoft seems to be developing its own DLSS-like, AI-upscaling feature. X (formerly Twitter) user PhantomOcean3 posted screenshots (via The Verge) from the latest test versions of Windows 11, which shows a toggle for Automatic Super Resolution. In the menu, Microsoft describes the feature as follows: “Use AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details.”

Microsoft has not yet announced this feature, so there are no details regarding how it will work or if you’ll need specific hardware to run it. DLSS requires a supported Nvidia graphics card, whereas AMD’s FSR and Intel’s XeSS run on competitors’ GPUs. The basic idea behind DLSS and similar technologies is that the game runs on a lower internal resolution, which improves performance. The upscaling tech improves the visuals to minimize visible impact on graphical fidelity.

In this Windows Insider update, new color management tools were also included. With this update, you can add or remove color profiles and set new defaults. There’s also a feature which automatically manages colors to ensure “accuracy.”

Microsoft’s gaming division has been in the news after rumors that some Xbox-exclusives like Starfield could be coming to PS5, raising questions about the future of Xbox in the console business. New sales data also indicated that the PS5 outsold Xbox at roughly a 2:1 margin. Xbox boss Phil Spencer reportedly told staff that Microsoft would be continuing to manufacture consoles. An update on Xbox’s plans is coming this week.

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