Helldivers 2 “Blowing Through” Sales Estimates As Servers Struggle To Meet Demand

Helldivers 2’s early success has exceeded internal expectations, and the developer is working on addressing the server issues it’s experiencing.

Since its release on February 8, Helldivers 2 has already sold about one million copies so far, according to Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt. He also explained that the game’s sales are “blowing through the estimates,” but doesn’t know when or if Sony will make a public statement on the official units sold.

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The studio deployed three quick hotfixes aimed at improving the online servers. Players are experiencing issues such as rewards not being handed out properly, login troubles, and server capacity.

“I know the progression issue is frustrating, especially for newer divers that want to unlock sweet gear,” Pilestedt explained on Reddit. “For now, please once again accept our sincere apologies for the issues you’re facing and rest assured, we’re doing our utmost to make it right.”

The developer explained that it increased the server capacity from 250,000 total players to 360,000, but that wasn’t enough as the concurrent player count jumped to the new maximum in less than six minutes after it was implemented. The missing rewards issue stems from high server traffic which leads to rewards not being properly tracked.

Helldivers 2 is Sony’s biggest launch yet on PC and had a new concurrent peak on February 11 of just under 156,000. Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC.


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