EA FC 24’s UT store now includes loyalty-based “Packs For You”, and players aren’t happy that they aren’t free

The Ultimate Team store of EA Sports FC 24 is now home to a new section featuring packs designed to reward players for doing things like logging into the mode regularly, but the fact these goodies aren’t being dished out for free hasn’t gone down too well with the game’s community.

EA’s footy sim’s been having a bit of a rough go of it over recent weeks, thanks to problems like an SBC with a design issue having dished out far too many TOTY Messis before it was quickly taken offline and pro clubs not allocating points properly. Things had looked like they were getting back on track in terms of community happiness following a fresh title update and the kicking off of the Future Stars event, but sadly a fresh UT addition has proven controversial.

What is it, you ask? Well, as detailed by EA in a tweet, the Ultimate Team store is now home to a new section dubbed “Packs For You”. It’s designed to feature “packs that are specific to your Ultimate Team journey, based on common factors, like playing Ultimate Team for a certain number of days.” So, nice rewards for hitting specific milestones as you play the game, sounds cool, right?

Well, unfortunately, the community isn’t happy that packs designed to reward them for things like staying loyal to the game by logging into the mode on the regular will cost them points or coins in the same way as the rest of the store’s offerings. Some of this criticism has come via a community note attached to EA’s tweet – a strategy we also saw deployed during the recent Messi debacle.

“Contrary to what was stated in the post, these are not specific to the players’ progress in the game, as they are the same for everyone who reaches the milestones,” this note claims. “Furthermore, they aren’t rewards, as you have to pay full price to open these packs. This system used to be free.”

Regarding that last point, people are pointing to the loyalty packs that have been dished out as free rewards during Ultimate Team promotions like Player Days in previous iterations of the game.

While there’s no doubt some justification that can be given for it, this looks to be an unfortunate misstep in terms of UT community trust and enthusiasm for the game from an EA that should probably be making an effort to reverse negative player perceptions following the aforementioned issues that’ve preceded this development.

Regardless of how you feel about “Packs For You”, if you’re planning on jumping into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team soon, make sure to check out our guide to the best cheap top-notch players to use for non-malfunctioning SBCs.


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