As the industry suffers layoffs, the best Call of Duty studio just got bigger

Infinity Ward, one of the three main Call of Duty development studios, has opened up a new branch. While each era of Call of Duty tends to have its star team, Infinity Ward certainly is leading the current era of the series, having reclaimed its top spot with 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

The new studio is located in Austin, Texas – which is itself increasingly forming its own hub of video game development.

As reported by VGC, the studio is currently recruiting, and will, unsurprisingly, work on Call of Duty. The available roles include design, and UI.

“The studio will work on creating new and innovative experiences for Call of Duty and create state of the art technology to power them,” reads a job ad.

“Our studio provides a safe, trusting, and empowering environment to unleash your creativity and help make the extraordinary.”

This is Infinity Ward’s second new studio opening in 2023, having established one in Barcelona, Spain last summer. The focus of the Spain studio, however, was a little more clear, and that was creating art for Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward seems to have a good handle on that sort of distributed work flow. Its Poland studio, of course, is famous for pioneering the most recent iteration of the IW Engine, which first saw public release in Modern Warfare 2019, and has been used in multiple projects since.

Activision previously said it’s unifying all tech under the same engine, meaning all future Call of Duty games will rely on that IW Engine – including Treyarch’s next project. Though the Treyarch game is expected in 2024, it is not clear whether Infinity Ward’s next title is locked in for 2025 or a different year.

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