All The Games Shown At Nintendo's November 2023 Indie World Showcase

Nintendo returned with another Indie World showcase, highlighting a number of new and upcoming games for Nintendo Switch. Some of the games were wholly new announcements, while others were anticipated releases finally given a date for their Nintendo Switch release. A handful of these games are even available on the Nintendo eShop right now. Check below for the full lineup of games shown off at the latest Indie World.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution – 2024

An unfinished Game Boy Advance sequel has finally been revived. WayForward partnered with the original developers to restore and complete this lost gem. In Risky Revolution you can move between the foreground and background, and use your genie powers to transform into different animals. It also sports a four-player local battle mode.

Core Keeper – Summer 2024

A dungeon crawler and life sim, Core Keeper has you grow groups, hatch pets, and fight legendary monsters. You can create your own character and team up with up to seven other friends for online play as you explore the depths.

On Your Tail – 2024 (timed console exclusive)

This narrative life sim with anthropomorphized characters features detective and mystery elements. Set in the picturesque Borgo Marina, you gather clue cards to unravel the mystery of a masked menace following you around town.

Howl – available today, demo also available today

In this turn-based tactical game with a lovely inky art style, a fairy tale world is beset by a plague that spreads by sound. As a deaf prophet, you set out to save the world.

The Star Named EOS – Spring 2024

This narrative puzzle game explores the difference between reality and memories as you uncover the secret of your mother’s absence. It’s said to be a heartwarming tale, as you piece together the story by using snapshots and scrapbook parts.

Backpack Hero – available today

What if the inventory management minigame was the whole game? In Backpack Hero you’ll need to maneuver items in your magical backpack to combine items and explore dungeons, all to gather items that you can then use to rebuild your home town.

Blade Chimera – spring 2024 (timed console exclusive)

This sci-fi action game blends elements of sci-fi and fantasy into one as you control a possessed blade, slashing your way through foes with beautiful pixel art.

A Highland Song – December 5, 2023

A narrative adventure set in the highlands of Scotland, you’ll climb, clamber, and rhythm run your way through the environment. The story builds based on the route you take, and you can unlock shortcuts to find new paths through the wilderness.

Moonstone Island – Spring 2024 (timed console exclusive)

A blend of creature collecting, deck-building, and life sim, Moonstone Island is a blend of genres and influences. You collect Spirits, tend to them and your crops, and befriend the locals in your quest to become a great Alchemist.

Death Trick: Double Blind – 2024, demo available today

This narrative mystery is set in the colorful backdrop of a circus. When the star magician of the local Big Top goes missing, it’s up to a fellow magician and a private investigator (who so happens to have amnesia) to team up and solve the mystery. You’ll gather clues, question witnesses, and call out anyone you suspect of lying.

Outer Wilds: Archeologist Edition – December 7, 2023; physical version coming 2024

The critically acclaimed Outer Wilds is coming to Nintendo Switch as a special “Archeologist Edition,” which includes the Echoes of the Eye expansion.

And the rest…

The presentation ended with a brief montage showing off several more games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months:

  • Planet of Lana — Spring 2024
  • Enjoy the Diner — Available today
  • Heavenly Bodies — February 2024
  • The Gecko Gods — Spring 2024
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist — Available today
  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center — 2024
  • Braid Anniversary Edition — April 30, 2024

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